Mont Blanc

My husband loves the chestnuts, so as a gift for New Year I decided to make Mont Blanc. It is a cake with chestnut puree, chocolate, whipped cream and meringue. The hardest was to find the chestnut puree, so I ended up making it by myself.

I made my own version of Mont Blanc and it was mmmm, more then delicious. My husband still mentions it often. I think I know what will be his birthday gift.

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2 Responses

  1. larissa says:

    looks delicious, I must try to make it too. Do I just google “Mont Blanc recipe”?

    • Biljana says:

      Yes, and no. I made some changes in the standard recipe. There is more chocolate in mine 😀 I cover meringue with melted chocolate and I make stracatela wiped cream.