Festival of light in Lyon, usually it lasts four days, and it is always around the 8th of December. Why the 8th of December? The story starts back to 1643 when Lyon was under the danger of plague. The aldermen promised to pay a tribute to Mary if she protected the town from that awful disease.


From that day every 8 December illuminating windows became a tradition for people of Lyon, some are still thanking Mary, some are seeing that as beginning of Christmas celebration, some are doing that just as part of making Lyon nice and shiny…


During this period town is visited by around 3 million people and the number is growing every year.


Lyon transforms in to small ant hill with a lot of different groups of people: tourists from far away, tourist from France, visitors from the region, visitors from town and villages nearby, Lyonnais and Lyonnaises and of course all the other ones trying to make this festival to be what it is. One of the three biggest festive gatherings in the world in terms of attendance.


What I tried to capture, beside the famous installations, is that other part of Fête des lumières, the one behind the light.


I used my Canon D100 and my kit lens 18-55mm 3.5-5.6. I mostly used a wide angle because this allowed me to shoot with a bigger aperture (f3. 5-f8 depending on the light source) and kept my speed higher than 20. ISO that I used was either 800 either 1600. I know that a tripod would be a good solution but with that many people in the town I didn’t see it as a good idea.

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