Biljana-Michel-PhotographeI guess it is the hardest to talk about yourself. But “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, so this is my first step.

My name is Biljana (Jakšić) Michel. I was born in Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija), a country that doesn’t exist anymore. How is it to be born in non existing country? Well, weird. When you hear the song “Take me home, country roads”, you get a big question mark over your head : where do I belong to??

But for one I am sure I know from what planet I am coming.

The town where I was born and lived until the age of seven is Karlovac (Croatia). Then, we moved to a very, very small village, Adaševci, next to the very small town of Šid (Serbia). It is the type of village where everyone knows everyone and where you need to say “Hello” to every person that passes next to you.

When I moved to Belgrade at the age of eighteen, I thought I would never miss Adaševci. But now, after living two years in France, where I live now, I find myself nostalgic towards that very, very small cute village.

I didn’t have the luck to have a camera when I was young, but I had moments when I was imagining what I would shoot if I had it. My first camera was, of course, point and shoot. I bought it as soon as I earned enough money. It was a Sony DSC-W120. I am still using it from time to time but I love to lend it to the kids and enjoy in photos taken from a fresh, different point of view.

My first and only DSL camera (Canon D100) was a gift from my husband. Well he would say it was more to stop the torture of me obsessively asking for it. Well, I know how hard I had been, but he gave me a gift that money can’t buy : faith in me.

I have been having this camera for almost six months, I am still a beginner and photography is just a hobby (passion) for me. I read a lot, I practice a lot and I think (hope) I am on the good road.

I made this site mostly for myself. The idea is to have a place for my projects and to follow my improvement. If on this journey people start liking and following my work, I would be more than pleased.

Hop on board !

Biljana MICHEL